Top Ten Amazing Cultural Festivals to Visit

If you want to get to know one country in just a few days, you should visit it during its most important cultural festival. Every festival is a full package of experiences and feelings that truly reflects the identity of one nation or region. Luckily, nowadays this is so much easier to find out than ever before: we only have to look up the name of the country and its festivals online – just like we would search for, H&M, or anything that we like really – and it will appear on the search page in a few seconds.

Whole life would not be enough to visit all the amazing events in the world. However, if life takes you to one of these places, don’t miss out on the chance to experience the best festivals in the world.

Top Ten Festivals in the World

No. 10 Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

The main gathering is on the night of the full moon in November when thousands of people are releasing glittering lanterns into the sky above Chiang Mai.

The entire celebration lasts for three days and is accompanied by music performances, parades, and festival market that attracts many locals and tourists.

Carlos Adampol Galindo from DF, México / CC BY-SA (

No. 9 La Tomatina, Spain

If you find yourself in the streets of the Spanish city Buñol in August, beware of flying ripe tomatoes.

La Tomatina is an unusual festival that has existed since 1945. The ceremony involves people gathering on the streets and throwing ripe tomatoes at each other from large truck trailers — quite a fantastic event that attracts many world travelers.

No. 8 Harbin Ice Festival, China

A real spectacle takes place every winter in Harbin, China. Artists from all over the world gather and create ice sculptures of impressive sizes. This festival draws a lot of attention from audiences and media around the world.

No. 7 Comic-Con, San Diego

Cultural festivals are not devoted only to old-fashioned and traditional ideas. Comic-Con, for example, is a festival dedicated to comic books and science fiction.

Thousands of people dressed up in costumes are touring the fair, taking photos and autographs from their favorite comic book writers and sci-fi actors. / CC BY-SA (

No. 6 Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico

November 2 is a Mexican holiday during which locals dress in skeleton costumes decorated with flowers. The holiday celebrates life and pays tribute to the dead souls with singing, dancing and giving flowers.

No. 5 Carnival of Venice, Italy

The Venice Carnival dates back to 1162 and is one of the oldest festivals in Europe. For Venice, this is the most important event of the year that lasts for two weeks and involves parading under masks — a recognizable symbol of this beautiful Italian city.

No. 4 Oktoberfest, Germany

Since the beginning of the 19th century, Munich has been the capital of good beer and entertainment. The festival always starts on the last week of September, and it includes unforgettable tent parties where the top five German breweries serve beer to millions of visitors.

No. 3 Burning Man, Nevada, US

Every August, the Nevada desert becomes a temporary city of art and imagination for one week. The festival, named after a huge wooden sculpture that is solemnly burned, celebrates freedom, diversity, and the gift of giving.

It is an increasingly popular event, and it’s a kind of prestige for the younger generation all over the world. Studios from The Inner Mission San Francisco, Earth / CC BY (

No. 2 Holi, India

Holi is a festival of colors that originates from India but is becoming widespread throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. It is the most significant Hindu festival wherein participants cast vibrantly colored powder at each other, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

No. 1 Rio Carnival, Brasil

Every person desires to visit Rio Carnival at least once in a lifetime. It is the most iconic street celebration that takes place on the streets of Rio de Janeiro before the Easter feast.

Carnival is a unique experience with exotic dancers dressed in eccentric costumes who dance the samba through the street crowd.