The Greatest Stadium Concerts of All Time

Maybe you are not a fan of concerts or big crowds in general, and you prefer playing with 10cric Bonus Code India in the comfort of your home, but any concert-goer would agree that the experience is memorable. When you hear that first beat or the first note of a song and the crowd instantly becomes hysteric, you all join together. It takes the cake compared to an MP3 or CD recording.

If you were an enthusiastic melophile in the ‘90s or early ‘00s, there’s a big chance you attended one of the five most visited concerts of all time. And don’t think in terms of thousands, we’re talking about millions of people gathered in one place to listen to their favorite track or sway along with a favorite song. 

Take a look at the 5 Great Ones!

Rod Stewart, 1994

If you are a rock fan, you have probably heard of the grand New Year’s Eve concert on Copacabana Beach. About 4 million people gathered to listen to some of the greatest rock songs that Sir Rod Stewart performed that evening.

Many believe that the number is that high because a lot of people turned up for the midnight fireworks. Still, the number of people that showed up was more than enough for a Guinness World Record for the highest-attending concert ever.

Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / „Los Angeles (California, USA), Hollywood Boulevard, Rod Stewart — 2012 — 5024“ / CC BY-SA 4.0

Jean-Michel Jarre, 1997

In 1997 Moscow celebrated its city’s 850th anniversary. For that occasion, they organized a concert by the renowned French singer and composer Jean-Michel Jarre. 3.5 million people came to enjoy the new-age genre for which Jean-Michel is known. 

The live performance happened at the State University of Moscow. During the concert, there was a live connection with the Russian space station Mir. It was an unforgettable experience for many Russian citizens.

Monsters of Rock, 1991

Bands like AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera, and others headlined the first open-air rock music concert performed by westerners in Moscow. Monsters of Rock was an annual rock concert held in Russia during the 1980s and 90s. 

Despite the unstable political situations in Russia at that time, music brought people together. About 1.5 million people came to enjoy the show, according to unofficial records. Fans still talk about the AC/DC and Metallica mash-up as one of the greatest of all times.

Jadeyez / CC BY-SA (

The Rolling Stones, 2006

Again at the, now famous, Copacabana Beach, the Rolling Stones held a free concert for 1.5 million attendees. Nobody misses an opportunity like that. People from the whole South America came just for the greatest rock show. The event happened just a week before the famous Rio Carnival. Not a lot of musicians would dare to perform before a spectacle like that.

The concert promoted their new ‘A Bigger Bang’ album on the second highest-grossing world tour of all time. Rolling Stone’s frontman Mick Jagger left an impact on the locals by addressing them in their native language, Portuguese. 

Live 8 Philadelphia, 2005

Also known as Live 8 USA or Live 8 Philly is still the highest attended concert in the USA. A non-profit organization ONE Campaign arranged the event. Performers like Bon Jovi, Destiny’s Child, Dave Matthews Band, Linkin Park, Stevie Wonder, and others came together to entertain.  

The event, which was joined by around a million people, lasted for eight hours. The extraordinary experience was free and broadcasted in the UK, as well as the US.