Some of the Weirdest Ways to Make Music

A great music talent will learn to play any instrument with no trouble. Also, people born with a good sense of music can recognize melodies in common sounds, like the wind, waves, but also broken pipes or a noisy old car passing the street. They can capture those rhythms and tunes and turn them into the most beautiful arias.

Seven Strangest Ways to Create Music

You’d be surprised about all the things that artists use to make music, and that doesn’t actually sound bad at all. Here are some astonishing ways that have personally drawn my attention as the weirdest ones.

  • Fruits and Vegetables as Instruments

Playing tunes on fruits and vegetables has an ancient tradition. Back in time, people were using hollow pumpkins, watermelons or carrots when they didn’t have real instruments. 

Today, we have actual experimental orchestras, like Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra, which can make a real concert spectacle with such equipment.

Manfred Werner – Tsui / CC BY-SA (
  • Playing On Saw

A saw is a fascinating sound maker that was very popular back in the 1920s and 1930s. It produces a specific electronic sound that even seems slightly alien. Even today, many famous musicians often use a saw in their songs, like Tom Waits or Gorillaz. 

  • Salt on a Metal Plate

When you mix science and music, you get incredible performance and a beautiful melody of pure physics, frequency, and vibration.

Salt scattered on the metal plate will, along with the sound waves, begin to spread out into the particular pattern, creating precise melodies.

  • Playing the Old Typewriter

Many people find the sounds of typewriters unique. Some experimental artists are playing live music on those devices. It is not just the sound of pressing the buttons but also the pull of springs that gives a compelling character to each tune.

  • Home Appliances as Rhythm Machines

You have probably experienced the washing machine jumping around during every spin but in a lovely rhythm. Some musicians use appliances like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers or washing machines to make amazing and unique music.

  • Recording Sounds of Kinetic Energy

It is another fascinating way to connect with music on a deeper level. With the help of a special device attached to your body, you release kinetic energy that produces sound when you move. Depending on the intensity of your movements, you can create arias that will sound differently.

  • Tesla Coil

As one of the most ingenious inventors ever, Nikola Tesla left behind 300 inventions without which the modern world would not be able to function. Tesla is an inspiration to many great artists, from David Bovie and Bjork to many prosperous creators of electronic and dubstep music.

Listening to The House of The Rising Sun played by the Tesla coil is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.