Seven Las Vegas Music Festivals You Have to Visit

Don’t take this as bragging, but living in a city like Las Vegas is like having a free pass (not exactly free, but worth every penny) for entering any superstar’s backstage you wish. From Frank Sinatra and Richard Cheese to Billy Eilish and hundreds of more amazing performers and bands — they are all crossed out from my bucket list.

The City of Music 

Believe me, Vegas is not just a city of lights, it’s a city of everything you can imagine. And contrary to the popular belief, it’s not all about where people can find best offline or Best Online Bingo Offers, or casinos, even though that is popular around here. When it comes to music, you can always run into a great event, concert or festival; it seems that they last 365 days a year.

Festivals, in particular, are a very popular form of entertainment around the world, so it is not strange that Las Vegas got so many of them with line ups which even Coachella would envy.

7 Best Music Festivals In Vegas

Depending on whether you are a metalcore or Lil Wayne fan, here are some great music festivals you can choose to put in your agenda for 2020.

  •  Life Is Beautiful

It is one of the greatest street music festivals located in Downtown Las Vegas that will be held from September 20 to September 22. 

Besides excellent organization, special attention is also drawn by its lineup, with big names like Billie Eilish, Weekend, The Black Keys and many others.

  • Las Rageous

It is a two-day metal spectacle booked for October in Downtown LV Events Center. 

The festival that is featuring bands like Judas Priest and A Perfect Circle brings together fans from all over the world. There are also many of those who love good beer and incredibly tasty specialties offered by the food trucks.

  • Electric Daisy Carnival

This festival of electronic music is one of the most colorful events in Las Vegas. It gathers the most popular DJs and, of course, thousands of young people who like to party. It is a real carnival of lights, pyrotechnics, and technology.

  • iHeartRadio Music Festival

The main event is scheduled for T Mobile Arena on September 21 and 22, and it will bring together the most popular and sought-after performers and bands of today like Camila Cabello, Alicia Keys, Heart and many others.

  • Collective Zoo Block Party

This event is not just about great music. It is about the community, its diversity, different cultures, food, art and even more. The event gathers some of the best DJs from all over the world.

  • Lost 80s

Use a time machine and go back to some glorious times of Las Vegas, to the glittering disco parties of the 80s. This festival is a true time capsule and a retro celebration.

  • Rockabilly

It is one of the oldest festivals in Las Vegas that takes place in the Orleans Hotel and Casino that has existed for 22 years. Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly is one of the most meaningful events for local people.