Eco-Friendly Music Festivals

If you are musically-oriented in any way, you have probably gone to a couple of festivals. Maybe you’ve noticed that people are trying to be less harmful to the environment, and the festivals picked up on that too. Many festivals are trying and succeeding in keeping the grounds clean and leaving no trace behind. Fighting climate change and reducing carbon-dioxide is a priority now. Here are a few festivals that strive to do that:

  • Burning Man, USA

A festival active since 1986 operates with a strict policy of leaving no physical trace behind. They are amazingly eco-friendly and use solar panels to produce energy during the festival. A nearby school system uses the panels during the year when Burning Man is not active. Although some people have criticized the festival for actually burning a man made of wood because of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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  • We Love Green, France

The Parisian festival is becoming more popular in recent years. Its workshops and activities that focus on educating people on environmental issues are just a plus next to the festival’s line-up. They compost food waste, limit the usage of paper, and encourage healthy, green living. The whole festival is an expression of art, movement, and music.

  • Fuji Rock Festival, Japan

This festival takes place in the calm surroundings of mount Fuji. Festival-goers gather every year to make environmentally-friendly access for people with disabilities. They make flyers and pamphlets for the fest out of timber, that would typically go to waste. Attendees focus on preserving and protecting the beautiful nature and tranquility of the surroundings.

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  • Green Man Festival, UK

As the name suggests, people are encouraged to focus on protecting the greenery around them. The festival takes place beneath Breacon Beacons, a mountain range in South Wales. Festival lovers are not allowed to use single-use plastic items, and they need to have biodegradable items. Refugees around the world receive the items that get left behind and are in good condition.

  •  Lollapalooza, USA

Another US festival saves around 1.5 million plastic bottles wasted at the festival just by installing water stations around the grounds. You can also find recycling and composting bins. They also offer a chance to win a bicycle or a free T-shirt in exchange for collecting recyclable items. Chicago natives have been enjoying the diverse line-ups for 30 years.

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  • Glastonbury, UK

A festival with a tradition of bringing the world’s best acts to the stage has been present since the 1970s. They do keep up and have around a thousand volunteers that gather items and recycle them during the festival. The festival also has a fallow year, every five years, during which the grounds are allowed to breathe and recover. Water stations also prevent more plastic waste.