Cities Whose Street Performers Will Amaze You

Street performing has been leaving different impacts on people for a long time. It’s an honest way to make some money or entertain people and put a smile on someone’s face. Some pedestrians would not agree, but many would say they enjoy seeing someone singing on a cloudy day.

Street performing does not only include singing but also playing an instrument, dancing, acrobatics, and even magic while generally entertaining passersby. There are plenty of exciting acts all over the world that you can come across. Let’s see which cities’ buskers will entertain you in no time.

5 Cities With Incredible Street Performers

  • New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is already famous for its breath-taking festivals, but its street performers definitely need a place on our list. The diverse scene of performers there includes some way of performing music, but there’s plenty of acting, comedy, and dancing. New Orleans has a rich culture, and busking is legal almost in any quarter. There’s plenty of tourists, and having fun is guaranteed, especially in the French quarter.

  • Tokyo, Japan

Many Japanese cities are famous for their size and perfectly organized wide streets. It’s no surprise that their crosswalks are renowned for street performing. Large crowds gather to watch or listen to buskers that occupy sidewalk corners. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, so their buskers have a sizeable audience. The performers move with the crowds, and getting a permit is not that difficult. 

  • London, UK

Some tourists come specifically to Covent Garden to watch street performers that gather there. In London’s center, you can find many buskers on the grounds near St. Paul’s Church, where they don’t pay any fees. Their ability to attract large groups of people and keep them entertained comes from musicians, statues, and variety acts. What’s interesting is that the performers organize and choose their spots among themselves every day.

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Something different than regular street performing, but still busking, is boat performing. Trajinera, or a small boat, take people up and down canals, and after a while, you get surrounded by mariachi bands. Street performing is illegal in Mexico, but it isn’t very easy for the police to intervene on boats. You will undoubtedly be blown away with the Latin sound and the traditional Mexican suits and hats in which the mariachis perform.

  • Marrakech, Morocco

At a large square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, you can’t expect a regular set up of street performers. What you can see there are snake charmers, monkey trainers, henna ninjas and more. People are mostly attracted to the snake charmers even though there are many poisonous snakes in close proximity. At night, the atmosphere is a bit different when performers gather to sing local songs while people join in.