Acts You Cannot Miss When in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only famous for its casinos, both land-based and online similar to Casino online România, grand hotels, and nightlife. A great way to spend your night in Las Vegas is to visit one of the many incredible shows that have a permanent or temporary residence in Vegas. 

There are plenty of choices and something to see for anybody’s taste. You can enjoy shows such as magic, acrobatics, singing, dancing, visual shows, and more. If you are pressed with time, find out which shows are a must-see during your time in Vegas.

5 Best Shows Currently in Vegas

  • O by Cirque du Soleil

Few people haven’t heard of Cirque de Soleil. Their breathtaking performances have been a staple of shows in Vegas. Shows are usually highly sought after, and tickets are hard to get. So, if you are interested in being a part of a spectacular eye-catching event, be quick.

A mixture of acrobatics, gymnastics, aerial stunts, fire acts, even clowns is all performed above, on or in water. It is a magnificent performance by an exceptionally coordinated and trained group of people. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

  • Penn & Teller

Penn and Teller have been a part of the Vegas show community since the 1970s. Don’t be fooled; their acts are not dated, but rather modern and intelligently delivered. The duo does magic that will keep you on your toes during the whole show. 

You will enjoy a perfect combination of Penn’s comedic commentary and Teller’s incredible magic tricks. If you are a fan of magic, you might get called out to the stage and help the pair in some of the tricks. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience.

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  •  Le Rêve the Dream

If you are a fan of aquatics, this is the show for you. Be sure to acquire tickets for the show that will stay with you forever. It is a love story that introduces something new and exciting each time you see it. It has been on the Vegas program since 2005.

If your expectations from an aquatic show are high, this performance will keep that standard. It is a story of mystic creatures performed by professional divers, aerialists, dancers, and gymnasts. You will be a part of your childhood fairytale fantasy.

  • Blue Man Group

Something quite different from previously mentioned shows, but not any less entertaining. The show consists of three mute drummers painted blue. The show represents a combination of humor, art, technology, and music all together. It’s unlikely a moment will pass without you laughing.

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It is an act that you can take your whole family to and enjoy it together. The audience is a part of the show, and it is very interactive. Don’t be fooled by the jokey themes. In reality, it’s a social commentary show. Pay close attention to the message.

  • Absinthe

Absinthe is one of the sharpest shows in Vegas at the moment. It is not for the weak at heart since it contains indelicate language and mature materials. Spectators under 18 years of age will not be allowed to attend the show. 

This circus act offers different shows every night with fascinating performers from all over the world. You can see stunts, cabarets, musical performances, comics, tap dancers, and more. The performers go all out to put on the oddest show in Las Vegas which will not disappoin