About Us

I’m dedicating all my texts to those who are just as passionate about the music as I am. It is the most powerful universal means of communication that connects us with unknown places, indigenous cultures, and various nations.

Fortunate enough to be born and to live in Las Vegas, the city that celebrates music every day, I had the opportunity to attend the most amazing shows and meet famous performers from all over the world.

I would also like to express my enormous love and gratitude to the band that has always inspired me. They are Peruvian gods of black rhythm — Peru Negro. The incredible blend of various sounds from Africa, Latin America, and Europe inspired me to look for similar bands around the world. I wish to tell their stories, present their music and, along the way, capture a couple of anecdotes for my readers.

This blog writes about traveling the world to visit amazing festivals, meet new rhythms, and promote our beautiful cultural diversity.